Beetroot Pinkies

This is my take on the classic brownie recipe, however instead of going brown I decided to go pink! These brownies are really earthy and rich with the cacao powder.

They are not like a normal brownie… you only need a little to satisfy a chocolate craving.

They are really good served with some vegan ice-cream or equally as nice on their own.

I hope you chocoholics enjoy these as much as me!



8.5 oz cooked beetroot blended to a liquid

4 tablespoons almond milk

3 oz ground almonds

1.5oz Β cacao powder

1 oz coconut oil

2 eggs

2.5 oz Gluten free flour

4 tablespoons of coconut blossom syrup or raw honey

How to Make

  1. 1. Grease and line a square tin with baking parchment

2. Place the oil, beetroot, syrup/honey, almond milk, in a pan and heat to melt, combining everything together.

3. Stir in almonds, flour, and eggs.

4. Pour into a the tin and bake for 20 -25 minutes. Let the brownie cool in the tin and slice into squares. Store in the fridge.



IMG_5121 IMG_5111 IMG_5112 IMG_5120