Kale and Coconut Soup

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This is by far one of my favourite things to eat, probably ever. It tastes so clean and fresh but also quite creamy thanks to the addition of coconut. I love to tuck in to a big bowl of this on a cold evening and I feel so comforted and nourished afterwards. The dark leafy greens provide a great hit of iron, magnesium, potassium, vitamin K2, vitamin C and calcium and the coconut provides essential fats that our body needs to function at its best.

Also this soup is super easy to make and hardly takes any time at all. I’m a huge fan of texture so I make the soup quite thick and I then add a mixture of seeds to the top, to make it look pretty but also for that addictive crunch that I can never get enough of.

I like to use a homemade bone broth in all of my soups because I love the flavour that it offers, not to mention all the fantastic health properties that come with it such as a big hit of minerals and collagen (great for the hair, skin and nails).


1 large bag of kale

3 courgettes chopped

1 head of broccoli (I throw the stalk in there too) roughly chopped

1 bulb of fennel

1 leek diced

1 tablespoon coconut oil

3 mugs of bone broth or stock

2 dessert spoons of coconut flesh (I love the one by Tiana)

Himalayan salt and black pepper

Fresh coriander


  1. Heat the coconut oil in a ceramic frying pan and add the leek, salt and pepper. SautΓ© this for 5 minutes and stir so it does not stick.
  2. Add in the courgettes, fennel and broccoli to soften slightly.
  3. Add in the bone broth / stock and the kale. Bring to a boil and then simmer for around 15 minutes until the vegetables have softened, but not overcooked.
  4. Add in the coconut flesh and stir until it is melted through.
  5. Add in the chopped fresh coriander (about a handful)
  6. Transfer the veggie broth in to a high speed blender and pulse until smooth
  7. Serve in to bowls and top with crunchy seeds

Enjoy and all hail the kale.

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