Superfood Chocolate Crispy bites


These little chocolatey creations are so clean and healthy they could pass as a superfood in my eyes. I say this because they contain nothing but 4 ingredients. The first being puffed brown rice (not Rice Crispies as they are loaded with sugar and gluten). The second ingredient being raw dark chocolate with orange oil, if you can’t find one with the orange oil in then you could add your own, zest an orange, or leave it out completely. This type of unprocessed dark chocolate is full of antioxidants that most of us do not get enough of. The third ingredient is a small amount of coconut oil to make things super silky (and to add some of the fab benefits of coconut oil – see my post all about coconut oil). The last ingredient is raw honey which contains a load of enzymes (only the raw stuff) and has great anti-microbrial properties!

So now you can see why I think these could and should be classed as a superfood snack. I also like to add a sprinkling of bee pollen on to these to make them look extra pretty but also because of the health benefits of bee pollen (see my post on why bee pollen is so fabulous under the wellness section).

So being totally gluten, dairy free and refined sugar free these little cases of crispiness are the perfect little sweet snack. I find the most perfect time to enjoy them is in the afternoon when you may find yourself reaching to the biscuit tin. Great enjoyed with a nice cup of roobios and almond milk tea.



(Makes 12)

100g puffed brown rice

100g raw dark chocolate infused

2 tsp raw honey

1 tsp coconut oil

12 paper cases

1 tsp bee pollen / crushed pistachios or other nuts

How to make

Firstly heat a pan of water until boiling and top with a pyrex dish with the chocolate in to melt it. Add in the honey and coconut oil and stir until all melted in.

Next Stir in the brown rice puffs and stir until everything is coated.

Fill the cases with the mixture and top with bee pollen, crushed nuts or other garnish.

Leave in the fridge to cool for 20 minutes and then munch away!Β