Delicious Dairy Free Ice-cream


The amount of people who battle through life constantly struggling to achieve their dream body is quite shocking, they are never happy with themselves no matter what they do or how they look. Probably because we are surrounded by constant pressures of how we think we should look and our ideas of perfection. I think It is really important to remember that these ideas are unrealistic and that we are all different in body shapes and there is no level of perfection to attain. It is much more important instead to concentrate on the health gains involved in a lifestyle change, not the size of the clothes or the number on the scales, focus on the ingredients in your food rather than the calories. Most diet food that is low in calories is full of toxic rubbish that is actually detrimental to your health rather than nourishing to your body.
Diets are for the short term, people often fail and gain back what they lost quickly and more, LIFESTYLE change is slower, it has health as its goal and it is a journey not a destination. Embarking on a healthy lifestyle change is the best way to maintain a healthy weight and to be in the best shape possible, also preventing disease along the way. In my eyes, the greatest wealth is health.
One of the ways that I transitioned in to a healthier lifestyle was by eating the rainbow. Every day trying to incorporate a rainbow of foods. This way there is less room for processed rubbish which is often beige in colour and void of nutrients, full of sugar, trans-fats and salt.
I also cut out meat a while ago. This is a personal choice and it is of course not for everyone. Apart from animal cruelty and environmental issues that I feel strongly about, I would only be happy eating organic, free-range, grass fed meat which comes with at a price. A lot of meats are also acidic on the body, they are high in omega 6 – which is inflammatory and red meat contains arachadonic acid which up regulates inflammatory cascades in the body. Meat also contains a host of other nasties including hormones, antibiotics & growth factors. Non of which I am happy to pollute my body with. If you can not give up meat I suggest treating meat as a luxury and enjoying organic cuts of grass fed meat once or twice per week maximum.
Another thing that I have cut out of my diet on my journey to optimal wellbeing is dairy. I do not believe that dairy has a place in any humans life what so ever. It always baffles me that a calf drinks its Mothers milk for its first few weeks of life, and then goes on to eating grass. However, we continue to drink another species milk for our whole lives! Not only is it mucus forming, and linked to acne and eczema, it is also full of all of those nasties that are found in meat, and what is fed to the cow is ultimately passed on to us and we end up consuming all of the rubbish that the farmers feed to the animals to make them grow quicker, to make them fatter, to make them more fertile etc. Again not something that I am happy to put in to my body. Furthermore, contrary to popular belief that dairy is essential for bone health, actually countless studies have found that dairy actually causes magnesium to be leached from the body, and magnesium is the very thing that we need in order to get calcium in to our bones. Other research suggests that dairy’s acidic effect on the blood  causes calcium to be used up from the bones in order to buffer our blood back to the correct ph level. There are so many other great sources of calcium to choose such as almonds, dark leafy greens, sesame seeds, sardines etc. Most people would be lost without milk, however I don’t miss it at all and I now am totally hooked on Rude Healths Almond Milk, or you could even make your own nut milk at home! Other dairy free milk alternatives include rice milk, oat milk, coconut milk, hazelnut milk, hemp milk, cashew milk – you see the pattern here – you really can make a milk out of pretty much anything and its so easy to do! As for yoghurt alternatives you can get a really good range of coconut based yoghurts that are really delicious – my favourite is either COYO  or Coconut Collaborative – they both do some really good fruity and chocolatey flavours. There is also a really good range of dairy free ice creams on the market now my favourites are Coconut Collaborative, Booja-Booja & Almond Dream. You could of course also try making your own delicious dairy free ice-cream that doesn’t even require an ice-cream machine… which leads me on todays recipe which is a super simple homemade ice-cream requiring

How To Make

All you need for the base is frozen bananas. Two bananas tend to make one small bowl of ice-cream so adjust this according to how hungry you are or how many people you are feeding.
Pre-freeze your bananas overnight (I always have some stored in the freezer) sometimes if I don’t have time I just stick them in there skins which is fine, if you’re feeling really organised then you could pre chop them and place them in a container ready for use. They are also great to pop into a smoothie.

Vanilla Ice-cream

To make the ice-cream just pop the bananas and a teaspoon of vanilla powder or essence in to a food processor. Whizz until they become thick, creamy and smooth, this can take a few moments. You can use anything to vary the flavours but my favourites are:

Chocolate Ice-cream

Just add 2 teaspoons of cacao powder to the mix and an optional teaspoon of maple syrup to sweeten if desired. I like to top mine with coconut flakes and cacao nibs. I also like a sprinkle of chia seeds for extra crunch.

Raspberry Ice-cream

Just add a handful of frozen raspberries or strawberries to make a fruity pink ice-cream. I like to top this with a sprinkle of pomegranate seeds!
The options are really endless so just get creative.. and munch away knowing that you are embracing a cow-free delicious dessert! This is great served with my homemade pancakes too or a slice of healthy cake!
 I hope your week is filled with making positive lifestyle changes and indulging in this badass ice-cream