Blueberry & Chia Bircher Muesli

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It was my birthday last week so with all the different celebrations going on I ate and drank lots of things that I wouldn’t normally, including birthday cake and lots of cocktails! I do usually live by an 80:20 rule whereby I eat really well for the majority of the time, allowing myself the odd treat here and there.

So today I want to talk about your mind-set and how it relates to eating a ridiculously healthy plant based diet – because the two are absolutely connected.

Whether you’re new to this and you’re still trying to figure out if nutritional yeast is the stuff you make bread with. Whether you flit between kale and donuts. Or whether you’ve been doing this for a long time and you know exactly how much vitamin B12 your body needs each day.

Regardless of where you currently are on the healthy eating spectrum, we all have minds that are more than capable of getting in our own way and plant blocking our best efforts.

Oh yes, you’ve plant blocked – trust me.

The last time you went straight past the big bowl of fruit on your kitchen counter and reached for the crisps in your cupboard?
Plant blocking.

When you accidentally go out for a few drinks and get chips on the way home?
Plant blocking.

When you don’t have time to make a green smoothie in the morning because you hit snooze too many times?
Plant blocking.

You are not alone, we all plant block from time to time

The way to stop plant blocking in its tracks has everything to do with your mindset. Here’s the secret sauce to staying out of your own damn way and winning at eating plants.


Instead of telling yourself why you can’t, tell yourself why you really want to.
This is the simple act of dropping your excuses and making it work. If eating healthy is really important to you, there is always a way to make it happen consistently.

You might have to juggle some things around. You might have to wake up earlier. You might have to go to a few different health food shops. You might even have to tell other people no.

All of this stuff becomes easier once you stop it with the excuses and just do it.

The second you catch yourself thinking about why you can’t eat plant based, have that act as a red flag and remind yourself that people make this work all the time and then go over the reasons why it’s important to you to eat plant based. And then notice how things start to fall into place as you work it out.

Plant block be gone.


Don’t make eating a healthy diet a big deal and it won’t be.

You know how when toddlers fall down you’re supposed to stay calm about it? This is because the first thing toddlers do when they fall down is look up at the adult to get a sense of the situation.

If you freak out, they will freak out. But if you’re calm and collected, they won’t think twice – they will get themselves up and carry on like nothing happened.

It’s the same thing with eating a plant based diet.

If you’re convinced that eating this way is difficult, time consuming, and hard to stay on track, it will be.
Here’s why.

Our thoughts lead to our feelings. Our feelings lead to our actions. And our actions lead to our results.

If we think eating Whole Food Plant Based is hard and unrealistic, we will feel discouraged and unmotivated.

Alternatively, if we think eating Whole Food Plant Based is easy and totally doable, we will feel motivated and excited.

When we feel motivated and excited, our action will be to eat nutrient dense plant based meals.

When we eat nutrient dense plant based meals, the result will be weight loss, glowing skin, lots of energy, and vibrant health.

This demonstrates perfectly why your success with eating a healthy diet is entirely up to you and your mindset. It can go either way and the best part is, you get to choose.

Make it easy in your head and it will be.

Plant block be gone!

Even if you follow these tactics, you still might plant block yourself from time to time (ie my cake and cocktail episode last week). This happens and when it does, don’t beat yourself up. Just keep following these steps and plant blocking will be the exception and not the rule!!

On to todays delicious recipe which is absolutely free of gluten, dairy, sugar and full of yummy goodness!!!


1/2 cup jumbo oats

2 dessert spoons frozen or fresh blueberries

1 dessert spoon chia seeds

1 cup coconut/ rice / almond milk

1 teaspoon raw honey

1 dessert spoon pumpkin seeds


Combine everything together and put in an old jam jar with a lid on overnight (or a bowl if you don’t need it to be portable). In the morning the oats and chia seeds will have soaked up the liquid and you can take it with you to work or scoff it immediately… the choice is yours!

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May your week be filled with  smiles and eating more plants