Melting pot vegan

Does the melting pot have vegan cheese?

To keep up with the burgeoning vegan population, many locations now offer vegan cheese and chocolate fondue to add to the vegan salad and entrée options for a full four-course animal-free culinary experience. … For the main event, The Mmmmelting Pot has long offered a vegetable broth and the Good Earth Vegetarian entrée.29 мая 2018 г.

How do I eat healthy at the melting pot?

Salmon, shrimp or chicken are all great options at The Melting Pot. Keep the preparation to a minimum and the additional sauces and toppings on the side. This way you will still gain all of the healthy benefits from the entrees without overloading your plate.

What is the best cheese fondue at Melting Pot?

The most popular fondue at The Melting Pot, here, aged Gruyère, raclette and fontina cheeses are blended with white wine and fresh garlic and finished with a dash of nutmeg. 1. In a small bowl, add the Gruyére, raclette and fontina cheeses.

Is Melting Pot gluten free?

Melting Pot To-Go at Select Locations! As a commitment to ensure all our customers have an exceptional dining experience, each of our locations are certified by the Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG) on the Gluten Free Food Service Program.

Can you share at Melting Pot?

The four-course menus at The Melting Pot are priced per person, however sharing is allowed. … Most people order a four-course per person. One option would be to order one four-course meal and have the other person add on their own cheese, salad and chocolate.

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Can you go to the melting pot just for dessert?

Absolutely. You can also come have cheese and then dessert and skip the entree.

Do you cook your own food at Melting Pot?

Review of The Melting Pot. At The Melting Pot Restaurant, we offer a dining experience like no other. …

How many calories are in a four course meal at the Melting Pot?

900 calories

What comes with cheese fondue at Melting Pot?

For the cheese fondue, which is served with bread cubes and vegetable dippers, options include cheddar (made with lager beer), alpine (made with white wine), and spinach artichoke.

What do u dip in cheese fondue?

Other things to dip in a cheese fondue:

  • Apples/pears.
  • Pretzels.
  • Pickles.
  • Mushrooms.
  • Carrots.
  • Cauliflowers.
  • Roast Potatoes/Sweet Potatoes.

How do you eat at a fondue restaurant?

Cheese fondue is eaten with a long-handled fondue fork, one fork per guest. Cubed bread is speared and dipped into sauce served in a communal pot. Because the sauce is shared by everyone at the table, and the fork is redipped into the sauce many times, the tines of the fork do not pierce the cubes all the way through.

What foods are good with cheese fondue?

What to Dip in Cheese Fondue

  • Bread. The most classic and always delicious. …
  • Apples. Tart apples like Granny Smith are dreamy dipped with cheese fondue. …
  • Cherry Tomatoes. One of my absolute favorites!
  • Bacon. Even better than you think it’s going to taste. …
  • Roasted Baby Potatoes. …
  • Steamed Broccoli. …
  • Pickles.

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