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Madelaine petsch vegan

Is Cheryl Blossom vegan?

High-fat and high-protein diets may be getting all the buzz these days, but Madelaine Petsch (a.k.a. Cheryl Blossom on Riverdale) is firmly on the vegan train—and she’s opening up about her diet in a new interview with People. Vegans don’t eat animal products of any kind.

What Madelaine Petsch eats in a day?

Here’s What Madelaine Petsch Eats in a Day

  • Breakfast: Overnight Oats. …
  • Lunch: Spinach Salad with Green Goddess Dressing. …
  • Midday Snack: NuGo Slim Bar. …
  • Dinner: Broccoli “Steak” …
  • Dessert: Vegan Ice Cream.

Is Vanessa Morgan vegan?

Vanessa Morgan Diet and Nutrition

There’s a lot of information about Madelaine Petsch’s diet out there, who is Vanessa Morgan’s best friend and one of our Riverdale babes, because she’s outspoken about being vegan; but there’s not nearly as much about Morgan.

Is Madelaine Petsch in a relationship?

It’s over for Madelaine Petsch and boyfriend Travis Mills. E! News has learned that the Riverdale actress and her music artist beau have ended their relationship after about three years of dating. … The last post of Petsch and Mills together on Instagram is from their trip to Disneyland in Dec. 2019.

Are Vanessa Morgan and Madelaine Petsch still friends?

In a video posted to her YouTube channel last year, Madelaine explained that they met while Vanessa was auditioning for the role of Josie. Vanessa didn’t get the part, but the two got super close and even lived together for a month after Madelaine shot the Riverdale pilot.

Is Jason alive in Riverdale?

Judging from Jason’s lifeless body in the disturbing scene, Jason is very much dead and gone. Despite being dead, Jason has returned to Riverdale in various forms including as a figure in the dream.

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What height is Madelaine Petsch?

1.67 m

Is Madelaine Petsch married?

Riverdale’s Madelaine Petsch is officially a single woman. The actress, who plays Cheryl Blossom in the hit C.W. series, and her boyfriend, Travis Mills, recently called it quits after being together for three years.

Who is Camila Mendes dating 2020?

Grayson Vaughan

Did Lili and Cole break up?

Cole Sprouse posted a new photo of “Riverdale” costar Lili Reinhart on Instagram on Tuesday. In the post’s caption, he confirmed that the couple “initially separated in January of this year, deciding to more permanently split in March.”

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